Liz Carroll

Обложка альбома Liz CarrollThe 21st Century has become the most prolific recording century of Liz Carroll's career. That little joke helps to celebrate the 2002 release of Liz's latest, "Lake Effect." After the success of 2000's "lost in the loop," which came 12 years after her first solo album, getting another recording from Liz is, in fact, a cause for celebration. Since she was 18, when she astounded the Celtic music world by winning the Senior All-Ireland Championship, Liz and her fiddle have been amazing audiences around the globe. Her recordings and appearances on concert stages, television and radio, have established Liz as one of traditional music's most sought after performers. "lost in the loop," released in 2000, won Liz new fans around the world, as it garnered an Indie Award and Liz being named Traditional Performer of the Year for 2000. Not that that's the first time a solo record by Liz has been praised. Liz's first solo, in 1988, "Liz Carroll," was chosen as a select record of American folk music by the Library of Congress, no less. That same recording was called "a milestone achievement in the career of a fiddler reaching beyond herself," by noted critic and radio host Earl Hitchner.
  • Трек: The Nervous Man / The Gosling / Paddy Shannon's
  • Исполнитель (артист): Liz Carroll
  • Длительность 4:44
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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    • 5:48
      Liz CarrollA Day and an Age
    • 3:46
      Liz CarrollThe Man with One Kidney / The Spy Czar (Hornpipes)
    • 3:50
      Liz CarrollThe Island of Woods (Air)
    • 3:48
      Liz CarrollRolling in the Barrel / The Laurel Tree / O'Rourke's (Reels)
    • 3:23
      Liz CarrollNorthern Jig / The Box Man (Jigs)
    • 3:52
      Liz CarrollThe Ronan Boys / Ralph's 2-3-5 (Reels)
    • 2:29
      Liz CarrollKieran's Polka / The Bike to Ballyhahill (Polkas)
    • 4:10
      Liz CarrollDrying Out / Crush Cars / The Lost Indian
    • 4:36
      Liz CarrollFremont Center / The "Vornado" / Minutemen (Reels)
    • 3:24
      Liz CarrollThe Chandelier / Anne Lacey's
    • 6:20
      Liz CarrollFiddle Extravanganza: Never Was Piping So Gay / The Chandelier / Paddy Fahey's #25 / Paddy Fahey's
    • 3:31
      Liz CarrollA Long Night on the Misty Moor (Air)
    • 3:28
      Liz CarrollAshleigh Roach's / With Ourselves / Wild Pitch (Reels)
    • 2:49
      Liz CarrollCeisel's Sword / The Monasteryedan Fancy (Reels)
    • 2:47
      Liz CarrollThat's Right Too / The Leading Role
    • 6:41
      Liz CarrollHunter's Moon / Getting There / The Morris Minor (Waltz & Reels)
    • 3:11
      Liz CarrollRicky's White Face / The Boys from Bolinas
    • 2:52
      Liz CarrollDennehy Dancers / The McSweeney Side (Jigs)
    • 5:02
      Liz CarrollSmokies in Arbroath / Mystery Writer / The Blessings of Gold (Reels)
    • 3:13
      Liz MeyerCarroll County
    • 5:34
      John McGlinn/London Sinfonietta/Ambrosian Chorus/Jeanne Lehman/Cris Groenendaal/Rebecca Luker/George DvorskyVery Warm for May, Act 1: "All the Things You Are" (Ogdon Quiler, Liz Spofford, Carroll, Charles)
    • 2:56
      Liz CarrollThe Golden Legs, The Flogging Reel
    • 6:13
      Liz CarrollThe Drunken Sailor/The Bag Of Spuds
    • 4:23
      Liz CarrollSevens, Michael Kennedy's, The Cup Of Tea
    • 4:23
      Liz CarrollSevens, Michael Kennedy's, The Cup Of Tea
    • 6:13
      Liz CarrollThe Drunken Sailor, The Bag Of
    • 4:30
      Liz CarrollThe Silver Spear, The Earl's C
    • 3:48
      Liz CarrollThe Giant's Cave/Go Ahead, Back Up
    • 3:22
      Liz CarrollThe Rock Reel, The Morning Dew, Reeling on the Box
    • 4:30
      Liz CarrollThe Silver Spear, The Earl's Chair, The Musical Priest
    • 4:08
      Liz CarrollSee It There, Con Cassidy's
    • 3:26
      Liz CarrollThe rock reel:The morning dew:
    • 3:20
      Liz CarrollLost In The Loop
    • 4:44
      Liz CarrollThe Old Maid Of Galway/Lizzy In The Lowground
    • 3:10
      Liz CarrollSojourn
    • 4:23
      Liz CarrollThe Cup Of Tea
    • 2:34
      Liz CarrollReel Beatrice/Abbey reel
    • 5:18
      Liz CarrollThe Ghost, The Hatchlings, The Long Bow
    • 4:23
      Liz Carroll The Cup of Tea
    • 2:19
      Liz CarrollThe Ugly Duckling
    • 3:32
      Liz CarrollThe Jump Ball | Whipple Hill | How We Spent the Christmas
    • 3:24
      Liz Carroll & John DoyleThe Chandelier/Anne Lacey’s
    • 4:25
      Liz Carroll & John DoyleA Pound a Week Rise
    • 4:24
      Liz CarrollBarbra Streisand's Trip To Saginaw/Michael Connell's
    • 3:06
      Liz CarrollThe Champaign Jig Goes To Colu
    • 5:17
      Liz CarrollThe Ghost | The Hatchlings | The Long Bow
    • 3:28
      Liz CarrollLetter To Peter Pan
    • 5:46
      Liz CarrollA Day and an Age
    • 3:40
      Liz CarrollLament Of The First Generation