Обложка альбома DumondeDuMonde are Jurgen Mutschall aka JamX and Dominik de Leon aka De Leon. JamX and De Leon are now two of Germany's biggest DJs. Their production skills are up there with the world's best, collaborating with the likes of DJ Tiesto and Push. You can now hear DuMonde's hard techno trance sound across the entire globe, as their records hit the top 40 in dozens of leading countries. They started out in 1995, under their own personal names. They did not join forces until 1997. But during this period both had a number of hits including, De Leon feat Myra, "I am what I am". Dominik and Jurgen's innovative ideas clicked together immediately, and soon followed the tune that perhaps they are most famed for, "Tomorrow". This entered the top 10 Dance Charts in Germany, and hit dozens of compilations, including "Gatecrasher Wet", "Clubber's Guide", and "Euphoria". "Tomorrow" was undoubtedly the tune that put DuMonde on the map, and the subsequent remix was hammered in a similar fashion by every DJ from Paul Oakenfold to Judge Jules. DuMonde were now being approached by hundreds of record labels to remix material, and began to develop a powerful reputation as remixers.
  • Трек: See the Light (Original Mix)
  • Исполнитель (артист): DuMonde
  • Длительность 7:24
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "DuMonde - See the Light (Original Mix)"

  • 6:14
    DuMondeGod Music (feat. Santoshi) [Cosmic Gate Mix]
  • 7:11
    Mellow TraxMystery in Space (DJ Jam-X & DeLeon´s Dumonde Remix)
  • 4:15
    DuMondeHuman (Radio Mix)
  • 8:28
    DuMondeNever Look Back (Tiesto Remix)
  • 6:35
    DuMondeI Feel You
  • 3:33
    DuMondeTomorrow (Radio Mix)
  • 7:37
    Rank 1It's Up To You (SymSonic)(Dumonde Remix)
  • 5:00
    DuMondeMemory (feat. Lange)
  • 7:01
    DuMonde Dave 202Singularity (Dumonde Remix)
  • 3:30
    Steven DumondeNever Gonna Give You Up (Original Mix)
  • 6:38
  • 5:26
    DuMondeIch will raus
  • 8:50
    DuMondeSee the Light (Jamx & De Leon Mix)
  • 8:05
    DuMondeTomorrow (Jamx & De Leon Onkel's Brett Mix)
  • 6:20
    DuMondeDas licht (feat. DJ Teeno) [Re-Work]
  • 7:24
    Meteor SevenUniversal Music (DJ Jam-X & DeLeon´s Dumonde Remix)
  • 8:37
    DuMondeSee the Light (Onkel's Brett Mix)
  • 4:48
    DuMondeSee the Light
  • 4:05
    DuMondeMemory (feat. Lange) [Lange Single Edit]
  • 6:30
    DuMondeMemory (feat. Lange) [JamX & De Leon Mix]
  • 9:19
    DuMondeNever Look Back
  • 7:40
    DuMondeTomorrow (Moogwai Mix)
  • 7:47
    DuMondeMemory (feat. Lange) [Original Mix]
  • 5:28
    DuMondeWhat's in Your Head (feat. Judge Jules)
  • 6:43
    DuMondeSee the Light (Mauro Picotto Mix)
  • 6:35
    DuMondeMemory (feat. Lange) [Jamx & De Leon Mix]
  • 30:24
    DuMondeContinuous DJ Mix (Dumonde Live @ Oxa / Zürich 2005)
  • 4:30
    DuMondeTomorrow (Full On Vocal Special Edit)
  • 7:56
    DuMondeMemory (feat. Lange) [Lange Mix]
  • 5:00
    DuMondeGod Music (feat. Santoshi)
  • 3:59
  • 6:17
    DuMondeJust Feel Free (Tomorrow 2000) [Jamx & De Leon Rework]
  • 4:38
    DuMondeU Ain't Seen Nuthing Yet
  • 3:31
    Hit Crew MastersCafé Dumonde
  • 8:20
    DuMondeJust Feel Free (Tomorrow 2000) [Retro Mix]
  • 7:07
    DuMondeMemory (feat. Lange) [Original Dub]
  • 9:21
    DuMondeNever Look Back (Full On Vocal Mix)
  • 1:30
    DuMondeA Decade Pt.1
  • 7:40
    DuMondeTomorrow (Cyrus & the Joker Mix)
  • 7:16
    Azzido da BassDooms Night (DJ Jam X & De Leon´s Dumonde Short Rmx)
  • 0:27
    DuMondeA Decade Pt.2
  • 3:20
    DuMondeMemory (feat. Lange) [Radio Cut]
  • 8:04
  • 3:40
    DuMondeKalt (Original edit)
  • 1:10
    DuMondeTomorrow (Unreleased Intro)
  • 6:05
    DuMondeMusic / the Only Thing (feat. Judge Jules) [Dub Mix]
  • 7:12
    DuMondeTomorrow (Just Talking Mix)
  • 7:07
    DuMondeTomorrow (Jamx & De Leon Early Mix)
  • 3:43
    DuMondeMusic / the Only Thing (feat. Judge Jules) [Vox Edit]